Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to the Machine!

HA. So yeah, I took some MORE time off from the blog. You must understand that I can't really blog at work since that whole explosion of booolshit awhile back. When the person who signs my checks say NO MORE FROM WORK, I comply. So my choices were pretty limited to blogging at lunch on the sly, (which I don't like) or blogging from home at the mercy of the dial up bastards. Which resulted in a lot of unnecessary bitching and yelling.

Finally I broke down and got high speed internet at home. As it stands now, I have a four foot cord as my tether, so I can't surf from where I want to (the couch) so the next adventure is buying a router and wireless card and being wire-free. At least mostly, as my battery has an hour long life. Which doesn't seem like much, does it?

So what have both of you missed in the past week or so? Not too much. Lots of teeth gnashing and madness at work, (new motto, another day another email from hell) Then the last 'great' big craft show of the spring season. Another day, another bite on the ass. Apparently, given the gas prices, and the economic climate these days, people ARE NOT flocking to craft shows in droves to buy stuff. And when they get to the craft shows, the 4:1 ratio of jewelry makers to other crafters confuses them. Uncle Shrub's 'economic stimulus check' came at a good time, because since I didn't make a fucking dime from any of the three shows so far this year, my checking account would be deeply in the red. So I have done my part to stimulate the economy.

In other news, the work on the porch, which commenced sometime in March, has had no process for weeks. They kindly tore off all the front boards from the porch roof, which made the pigeons happy, for they're all roosting INSIDE the porch roof now. And they're all pooping thru the one hole in the 'ceiling' of the porch. It was fucking disgusting tonight, as I hosed about 80 pounds of pigeon and starling crap off into the garden. Niiice. We have no ETA for the rest of the work. Promise you won't laugh when I start singing, "If I had a hammer....."

Because I'm just a glutton for punishment, we're doing another craft, er ART show on June 7. We got in at the last minute, and today I got our booth assignment. Sorta. More like a map of the grounds with a handwritten note and arrows, "Your booth will be here, I'll direct you to the booth assignment when you get here." Oh swell. "Indy I have a bad feeling about this"

Speaking of Indy, perhaps we'll make it to the drive in movies this weekend. The local one has Indiana Jones and Iron Man. Whee!! Sounds like a thermos (or so) of martinis and we've got ourselves an evening.

Funny thought. Between the high speed internet and the new TV channels, I'll never make anymore jewelry. And maybe that's not a bad thing. No. I like making stuff too much.


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