Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Busy

But not with making jewelry.

There's been yardwork. And feeding the bunnies. They've very much enjoyed the tomato plants I planted on Monday morning. Aren't I nice?

There was a day with the Mom, among other topics discussed was how she could acquire a Taser, and the fact that aboard the Nimitz, there were covens of Vegans. Of course that's true, she saw it on PBS. Of course, now I have to see the Nimitz special on PBS to find out what she's talking about. I'm thinking Covens of Pagens, but one never knows. The Taser thing was because she got attacked by big mean dogs while walking her small nervous dogs. She thought a Taser would be the answer. Sure, why not? 50,000 volts of dog stunning power. And they come in pink! After Obbie and I composed ourselves, we explained that they're kind of expensive, and she'd probably end up killing a dog with one. That didn't fly, so she decided Plan B was better, and that is a water pistol filled with water & ammonia. It's a pretty spiffy little number too, resembles a little Flash Gordon ray gun. That makes me feel much better than a Taser.

Obbie and I have been cleaning the yard for what feels like DAYS. (oh wait, it HAS been days) I cut a lot of wild branches back tonight. Now I'm all itchy and I'm thinking I was in poison ivy too. THAT won't be good.

But not making jewelry. Burnt out much?

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