Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some Days I wonder

Why I ever quit smoking pot. Honestly. This weekend has been a series of trying events from 5:00 Friday afternoon until this afternoon.

Craft Show - Friday from 7-9. Set up started at 5:00. I met Obbie at the school. He called at 4:55 to tell me they had just chased the last sweaty pre-teen out of the gym, and were marking off the booth spots. "I have a bad feeling about this." Yeah. Me too. (Which started two weeks ago, after I had seen no advertising for the event, and got increasingly more ominous as this weekend rolled around with no advertising. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Bad sign)

As I went into the gym, I saw Weeper & Pushpin from the church show. Of course they were set up next to us. Weeper wasn't crying yet, but "I'm VERY upset!! I'm trying to get ready for next weekend's show, and my son has baseball, and my daughter...yada, yada, blah blahblah..." I stopped listening. Pushpin I was happier to see, because she at least has some modicum of sense, but her answer to "Hi! How are you" was "My husband is leaving me." Uncomfortable anyone? As we were setting up, I found that I left all the chain maille at HOME, and had to drive 22 miles round trip to retrieve it. Dumbass. I'd say I was a little distracted with work.

Long story short, no signage for the show, 15 vendors, including the school having a book sale who were the big winners of the weekend, for crafters were buying books because THERE WERE NO PEOPLE ALL FREAKING WEEKEND. Even the high school all star Jazz band concert, being held down the hall from us didn't help because THERE WERE NO SIGNS, and nobody knew we were there.

At 9:01, we were across the street at the bar/restaurant and had a great dinner and two 22 oz beers. The tastiest beers I've had in awhile. Even if they were Coors Light.

Saturday we went in like we were attending our own funerals. We sat there til noon, talking with other vendors, who kept glaring at the organizer, who spent most of the day with her head down. Weeper loudly proclaimed that SHE WAS TEARING DOWN AT NOON BECAUSE THIS IS CRAP. And sure enough, at noon, she started tearing her booth down, getting more and more mad with every box load of crap she packed. We were mildly amused, then it kind of pissed me off because she was acting like a spoiled kid. Guess nobody every told her that some craft shows are good, and some are shit, it's the way it goes. Yes, it sucked that there was no publicity, nor customers, but to keep harping and bitching loud enough for the whole gym to hear is pretty tacky. At 1:00, everyone else started tearing down. We were out of there by 1:30 (Tear down is the easy part) and were off for home.

We stopped at a couple places for new tablecoverings for next weekend's show. The theme is pink & green, so NOT my colors, but there's a prize for the nicest booth, and that would be cool to win. It won't happen, because there are 200 vendors, but we can at least try.

We both fell asleep on the couch, and finally at 8:30 I went upstairs to read and stretch out. Obbie finally came up around midnight, and that was that. No dinner for me (wasn't hungry) and chips & salsa for him.

Sunday's day tomorrow. More fun.


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