Monday, April 21, 2008


It's one of those days.

I did manage to make a sparkly Swarovski necklace with little dangly things on it. Oooh, aah. Aside from that, I managed to really fuck up a job related thing, and I'm using my 'spare' time tonight trying to unfuck it by doing some online research.

The Bloom is in two weeks. I'm so not ready. Obbie is not even the least bit inspired to redesign the displays, even though I remind him (kindly) every couple days. He'll be all gung ho for a little while, then he'll go off on another tangent, and we're done with talking about the display. Meanwhile, the date is getting closer and closer. He's at least encouraging me to get a couple more shows for the summer, but I've got to work around his car show schedule, real job commitments, and then the second part time job. Which really dosen't leave much time for BeadWhisperer related stuff. I'm reluctant to get more shows because I don't want to end up having to do them all alone. One of the women in his office quit, so there might be some of her workload to pick up, thus making the BW scheduling harder & harder. I honestly feel just a little overwhelmed between not having him on 100%, having my head stuck at work so much (why?!)
and not being able to shake this creative block I've been lugging around for quite awhile.

Around 2:30 Saturday morning I jumped out of bed, and stood in the middle of the room saying, "Oh SHIT! Oh No! Oh No!" Obbie (who is used to my nocturnal outbursts) asked what was wrong, and I explained that there were people at the hotel, and they weren't happy with their accomodations, and I had tried to fix it, but they still didn't like it, and weren't leaving. I guess he told me to come back to bed, which I did, and went right back to sleep. This kind of crazy shit is what happens when I'm stressing inside. I haven't taken any of my anti-anxiety pills (from the Angina Monologues) and I'd rather not start now. But I can't be fretting about imaginary things at night too. My days are already filled with whether or not the trucks can pick something up, will the shop be ready, will the jobsite be ready, has everything else shipped, and have we invoiced that yet? And then there's the whole I need more elaborate designs for the booth, do I have enough bracelets, do I have enough earrings, I have to make something else really cool to get attention, oh yeah, I need to get ahold of the credit union for the paperwork for taking credit cards, oh, the booth needs to be done over in pink & green for the contest, where else should I send applications to, do I need more pictures, how about a cd? What pictures should go on the cd? Oh yeah, I'm out of Spiderwire, and I need more crystals, and those clasps won't do. By the way, the phone got cut off again, go pay that, the cable might be next, where IS all the money going if the utilities aren't getting paid? The grass needs mowed, but first the mower needs to go to the guy so it can be made ready for another year (you mean you didn't do that?) And also, the guys might be coming to fix the porch, so make sure the windows are closed if they have to tear it off the front, and hopefully they'll stay out of the peas & spinach. Don't forget to go to the car parts place and get a headlight bulb for the car. Don't forget to upload the pictures off the camera of the necklace for my Mom, oh hell, Mother's Day is coming up. Dammit the laundry needs done, no we're out of detergent, sorry. That's okay, go buy more underwear and would you iron those pants & that shirt for me, they don't look dirty. Shoot, I forgot to call the guy about the truck with the stuff. When's the truck going to Alaska? Will everything fit? Everything has to fit, we don't have the budget for a second load....Oh yeah, by the way, the tax information needs to get put into the package for Virginia, and the organizer of that show this weekend hasn't acknowledged receipt of my money order, nor has she returned any of my emails, and I haven't seen any advertising for the show, wonder if it's real...I better make some more earrings just in case.

Yeah, so that's the way my head sounds lately. It's kind of noisy in there.

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