Sunday, April 20, 2008


So I guess I left y'all hanging on the crabcake thing a little, huh? Sorry about that. Real life gets in the way of blogging sometimes, and the blogging loses.

We went to Faidley's seafood in the Lexington market. No sit down tables, just some tall tables and tall benches you stand around to eat. Trust me, it dosen't take away from anything. Bellying up to the bench with guys in suits & ties, ladies in sweat shirts, kids with big, gold chains, man it's real life. And damn tasty. The jumbo lump 'cake platter with two sides is the thing to get. Mac & cheese and cole slaw were our sides, but there are fries, greens, cucumber salad, potato salad, carrot salad, marinated veggies and pickled beets to pick from. They have all sorts of seafood, (shrimp, fish, shellfish) to pick from, but do not be deterred from the mission of the crabcake. It's as big as a baseball, and absolutely jam packed with huge lumps of crabmeat. The filler in minimal, just enough to keep the things together during the broiling process (they do not FRY their crabcakes, and the nice lady behind the counter would probably get her feelings hurt if you asked.) I wish you could substitute another crabcake for a side dish. Because nothing goes with crabcakes like more crabcakes.

Wonder when we can go to Baltimore again?

That was last weekends dining experience. We visited a new pho soup/noodle shop in town yesterday. Eh. It wasn't great. I'd sooner go across the river to any of the three places I know that sell GREAT soup. Granted, the restaurant people did a fine job of making their space beautiful, but when the broth is obviously canned, all the beauty in the world won't help. They got two stars. And an automatic deduction for the owner speaking to every other customer in the joint but Obbie & I. We're hard to miss, and to walk by our table three times to greet customers coming in the door, and checking on the other tables is pretty rude. That's okay. We won't be back.


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