Thursday, March 20, 2008


Another Friday off. I'm going to sloth around all day tomorrow, and do as little as I can get away with. Maybe Obbie will call me to come & have lunch with him. One never knows.

I'm making a custom bracelet for a nice lady I met at the last craft show. Hopefully the rest of the rings will come in tonight's mail (maille mail) and I can finish it tomorrow.

Let it be said, all the ladies (and gentlemen) I met at the show last weekend were nice. Pushpin is a great lady, and I hope to run into her again at another show. Weepy, well, she was nice enough, but just a little overly dramatic. But take that with a grain of salt, since I managed to milk out the chest pain thing for three days. Sorry about the last post, I guess it was kind of anti-climatic after the first two installments.

And on that note, I'm ready to go home and nap.


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