Monday, March 17, 2008

The Angina Monologues - Part I

Remember two weeks ago I mentioned chest pains? They didn't go away completely. As a matter of fact they've been lurking in the background, keeping me silently freaking the hell out, and scanning the internet for information on "Chest Pain" and "Women's Heart Attacks"

I was off work on Friday to prepare for the first craft show of the year. Since the last show of last season (in November) neither Obbie or I had gone thru any of the tubs to reorganize the display materials. So of course, that had to be done before set up Friday afternoon.

I organized the tubs, and loaded the car, then set off to the church where the show was being held. All the while my chest was aching furiously.

I unloaded the three tables (with the help of a little old man and a handcart) and lugged the three tubs into the area where I was to set up for the show. A lady was there, weeping, and arranging some painted glassware. Obviously, she and I were sharing a space, and from the looks of her, it was going to be a long weekend. She informed me that her friend was also joining us, and was going to have a stand in between her stuff and me, so I'd be wedged into a corner. Lovely.

Tomorrow: Part II

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