Monday, March 03, 2008

And the bead goes on..

No, Maxx did not get all his nails clipped last week. I got two clipped, and that's about it. Oh well. I'll keep trying. Last week ended up to be one of those weeks where simple things end up being too hard, and annoying as hell. One project in particular at work had me experiencing chest pains one day, and taking a headache home with me every other day. The chest pain thing is scary, but they disappear while I'm driving out of the parking lot at 5:02. Go figure. Also I think I strained muscles in my shoulder by heaving a forty pound bag of cat litter up on my shoulder to carry it from the car to the house. Or was it when I lugged the five gallons of kerosene ($3.45 a gallon, thanks assholes) to the back shed? Or perhaps...oh never mind. I strained my shoulder at some point last week. And combined with being jerked around mentally caused me some anxiety. I'd hate to die at my desk. Seriously.

I also sent off two craft show applications last week. One show is HUGE, and I'd just like to get in, the second isn't as big, but gets a lot of people. We've set up at a different show in the same town in the fall, and always have good sales and a good time. We'll see. I also sent a CD of pictures, and an application and entry fee to a show at the beach. That will be good just because it's a beach show. In town, not on the boardwalk. Which I feel makes a difference. The biggest expenses would be gas. We can camp, instead of hotel, which is 30 bucks compared to $100 plus. I'm waiting for confirmation before I get the campsite. Just because.

Since I'm entering all these shows, I guess it'd be good to actually have stuff TO SELL. Yeah, that might help. I better get moving on that. Yesterday Obbie & I moved the couch aka the coma couch from the living room to the spare room. Much to the dismay of the cats. But everytime I lay down on the damn thing I go to sleep. It's not condusive to creativity, so it had to go away for awhile. Inertia kills.
The cats are all pissed off about the move, because they all slept there, in their own little order. Now the pecking order needs realigned. Oh well, sorry about their luck, they'll survive.

Time to get Obbie up and moving. Have a good week!

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