Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowalishious Friday

How's THAT for a made up word? Snowalicious. It's snowing, or at least it snowed overnight, I cannot tell how much is out there.

My first choice would to crawl back in bed and phone in to work later and say I'm staying home because of the snow.

But it's not a foot of snow for goodness sakes. What kind of punkass would call off work for two inches of snow? (In Pennsylvania I mean) I just feel lazy today.

It kind of sucks feeling lazy and not wanting to go to work, but being (a) very chintzy with vacation/sick leave and (b) knowing full well that some terrible thing will occur while I'm at home. It's the first rule yanno. So I'll go in. Last night the weather geeks were forecasting doom, gloom and freezing rain for the afternoon, so it'll be a slower go coming home.

I'm still looking for my muse, as I have 48 pairs of earrings, 24 bracelets, 12 necklaces, and 8 'epics' to make to stock the booth properly. I have plenty of supplies (God knows I've been buying enough stuff) but no motivation. The copper necklace was about as good as it's been for awhile. Which makes me sad. Obbie goes to San Fran next month for almost a week, but it's the same week of the first show, and even Miss Crisis Motivated won't wait THAT long to start making stock. It's not like earrings and bracelets are exactly hard. It's just doing it. Pathetic.

What should I have for dinner tonight? We've had steak, chicken, cabbage roll casserole, home made eggrolls & hot & sour soup...I'm out of ideas. Bowl of granola with yogurt on it sounds good right now, but at 6:00 tonight, I'll be looking for something hot. Obbie works at America's Store tonight, (unless the weather is too scary) so I probably should make something that he can reheat. Unless he can have a balony sammich for dinner too.

I'm out of here, the snow needs checked, coffee needs poured, and SOMEONE needs to get out of bed!


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