Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nope, too cold to snow

Is one of those stupid sayings around here. I understand what it means, weather-wise, but it's still stupid.

The grocery store was a madhouse last night. The one closest to my job was just nuts, with people sniping parking spaces, milling about stupidly (more than usual) and just generally being nuts.

The second one was less obvious in it's insanity, so I swooped in and dropped forty bucks before too long. The self checkout was the maddening part, as the 'ladies' in line behind me were surely going to be stuck in the great blizzard that hadn't arrived yet, given the pushing and shoving and sighing as I scanned my groceries.

As I left, I let out a big annoyed sigh, and the man behind me laughed really load and said, "I know how you feel!" and in the spirit of unity, I said, "Is it going to snow or something?" he replied, "No, it's too cold"

Newsflash Mr. Weather Channel, it snowed, and is still snowing. It might have been too cold to snow, but the gathering of food and general tone at the grocery told me otherwise.


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