Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Humpless Day

Or not, depending on YOU. Hah.

Nothing new to report. Tonight will be Chinese night here. Home made hot & sour soup and eggrolls. Eggrolls aren't such a pain if you use the BIG wrappers instead of trying to use the small ones. I don't know why it took so long to figure THAT out. No rocket scientist here.

I guess I'm going to have to break down and upgrade the cable TV system. One of our favorite movie channels disappeared into the great digital beyond last weekend, along with several other channels. Apparently not having THE BOX or digital, or anything but the standard cable package, is frowned upon by the great cable monopoly of the universe. I liked it though, I didn't have to have a box for every TV, I only had three remotes (TV/VCR/DVD) and it was fairly brainless. Alas, now that the impending digital scam is sneaking up on us, if I want to watch the 'higher' cable channels, I'm being forced to pay DOUBLE what I'm paying now for cable. I'll give the triple threat package a whirl, with cable, internet and phone, but I'm doing so under protest. (Don't be fooled by the 99 buck a month thing, by the time the taxes, fees, equipment, installation, and reaming are done, the bill is more like
130 a month. BUT IT'S SUCH A GOOD DEAL!!) I guess the idea of paying that much money for television, 150 channels of bullshit and crap, annoys me, but I'm dangerously close to sounding like my mother...OH THE HORROR.

In jewelry news, I got some new beads last night, yum. Hopefully I'll do something with them soon. After yesterday's fun at work, my shoulders were tensed up to under my ears, and I couldn't even get excited about the Amazon box and the new beads in the mail. With any luck, tonight will be better. At least I'm more relaxed now. Last night I didn't dream about contractors calling and yelling at me. Which is good. I haven't figured out a way to not give a shit about what happens at work. Those who are successful (there) have told me to not take it personally, to not worry about it, to leave it behind when I leave at 5:00. So far, I haven't quite figured out HOW to do that. Once I do, I think I'll be happier and more energetic.
Or at least not waking up in a cold sweat yelling, "I KNOW THERE ARE GOING TO BE LIQUIDATED DAMAGES! I'M DOING EVERYTHING I CAN!" Oy.

Carry on


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