Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So many things to comment about, so little time!

Last week I got to listen to someone I know speak of how much they liked the TV show "Biggest Loser". They went on and on about HOW ADMIRABLE it was that fat people were trying to better themselves. And HOW AMAZING it was when they'd lost all the weight, HOW DIFFERENT they looked! "They had their hair styled, and the girls had their makeup done, it's just incredible how different they looked! Because, you know, fat people don't really care HOW they look, so they don't bother with keeping themselves up. After they lose weight, they start caring about themselves." This is all spewing from the mouth of a 20 something child who is smaller than one of my legs. It took all I could do not to shake the shit out of her. There can be a whole blog entry devoted to this, but I won't. Partially because I'd be screaming by the end, and it's just too much like work to lazy fat people like myself to get all worked up. Nor will I ever try and explain it to her. Twinkletoes would never understand the daily existance of fat people. Never. Ever.

So, we're getting rebate checks, eh? Where's the money coming from? I keep missing that part. We've got surplus money in the tax rolls? Far out. I was told that the government wastes so much tax money, that they can afford to give some back. Oh. Well, hell. That explains it. Musta got some hellish low bids on the big fence.

American Idol. Big fat hairy deal. I can proudly say that I've seen no more than 10minutes TOTAL in all seasons of American Idol. Yay me.

Up next in the Netflix queue: The Muppet Show. Season One. It's only right.

I had a nasty cold. Now it's gone. I feel almost normal again. Well, normal for a fat person, anyway.

Camel Snus. Does anyone else think this is wrong? Stay tuned for more on that subject.

And guess what!! I'm organizing my beads! Putting them in nice little containers, by color. I'm sure there will be tears and gnashing of teeth. Again, stay tuned.


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