Saturday, January 19, 2008

See? It's all better now

The furnace is running and my nose isn't. How great is that?

I fixed the windshield wiper on the car (tighten the nut for goodness sakes) Topped off the oil, windshield washer stuff, and coolant. Got groceries, paid bills, and viola! Here I am.

I didn't shower though, but that dosen't make me a bad person. Just unwashed.

Tomorrow will be jewelry making, and pondering the butterfly thing.

The landlords got the shits of nut-boy across the street coming and going against their explicit directions, so they've taken the knobs off the doors, and stripped all the stuff out of the area he was squatting in. (Which I don't feel was a good move, but who am I?) He's going to lose his shit when he finds out. Hopefully I won't be here, and he won't go Rambo and burn down the barn & house.

Yesterday after the oil was delivered, I couldn't get the furnace to stay lit, so I called the landlady. She basically told me to deal with it. SHE never ran HER furnace all the way out of oil, and SHE thinks that it's my tough shit that oil is so expensive. And I quote, "Well it goes with the territory" After I hung up, I paced around the house, and spoke with God, (after all, she's a Christian, you know) then I fiddled with the furnace more, and TA DA. It works. I called her back and told her I fixed it, much like I fixed the sink on New Years Day when it was shooting water all over the bathroom floor. (Obbie fixed it, I bought the parts) She was just happy she'd not have to part with any of the hundred dollar bills she stuffs her mattress with, so she missed the whole part of the plumbing story. It's a shame the rent is so cheap, and I love this drafty old barn so much. Or I'd be history. Today I took her the rent and she was all sugar and kittens. Uh huh. 100%income, 0% outgo. It does my shriveled black heart good to know that by not fixing up this place, she's losing TONS on her income tax. Oh well.

With that charming thought, kiddies, I'm out of here. Take care and stay warm.



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