Wednesday, January 09, 2008

On and On and On

Still breaking resolutions left & right...Swearing like a sailor & not blogging daily. I'm sorry for that (not the swearing) Yesterday was terrible, terrible, terrible, and when I got home, I had a drink AND a shot. Just because it seemed like the thing to do. Just stupid brain numbing shit that is so unnecessary to me, but absolutely necessary to some people. Why do humans feel it necessary to make thing harder than they need to? I'll never understand it.

Truly nothing interesting is going on. Obbie & I are formulating Beadwhisperer things, which is good, but they'll all cost money....which we don't have right now. S'okay. There's time. I'm still attempting to get proper pictures printed of my stuff for the juries. I'm getting there!! I promise!

The Springlike weather in these parts has been very welcome, but it reminds me that in the coming months, in addition to the 'usual' BeadWhisperer stuff, there will be gardening and yardwork. Oy. I better find my Muse, and get some energy and get as much BW stuff done NOW before garden/yard season starts, and I'm going in too many different directions.

It's just a shame that I can't quit my job and be supported by my jewelry making. Alas, that is foolish to even ponder, so I won't. I just have to find a way to be as energized after work as I am when I first get up.

Carry on.


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