Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet

Just heavily medicated.

This just sucks! Everytime I think I'm getting better, I start feeling worse. I spent most of yesterday napping, except for about an hours worth of frantic activity reorganizing the coffee table. Yes, the coffee table. Surprisingly, it held three bead trays (full of beads and unfinished projects) 8 pens, 4 post-it note pads (they seem to be the giveaway of choice at job fairs these days) five seed catalogues, two bead catalogues, four recipes, numerous old grocery lists, two legal note pads, four other notepads, the directions for the kerosene heater, the reboot discs for my laptop, 87 cents in change and a whole bunch of scribbled notes on little bits of paper.

Amazing. But now you can see the tabletop again, and all is right with the world.

Except I'm still sick. I've gone to the big guns now, Tylenol SEVERE cold meds. Wah hoo.

Why do they coat cold medication with a mint flavored covering? If you're severely congested, you can't taste it anyway.

Ah, the miracles of modern medicine. And I won't even get started about having to show my ID to someone to get 'real' non-prescription cold meds.

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