Sunday, January 06, 2008

Done Wallowing

I'm done wallowing now. Running out of oil and not having enough bucks to get a refill is just one of those things. Me & Mine haven't frozen, haven't starved, and certainly haven't given up. So all is well.

I've got to get back on track with the jewelry making though. So far, I've got 12 shows lined up to do in 2008. Most of them are big ones, with higher entry fees, and bigger attendance. With that comes the idea that pictures must be submitted with the entry fees, and one is due by the end of this month. I'd like to have them all submitted by the end of the month, actually, so if I'm not approved by THE JURY, then I can apply for other ones that are in the same time slot.

I have lots of pictures of my work, and my booth from last year. I also have a printer and photo paper to print said pictures on. HOWEVER. The printer is still in the box it came in, and I have no room on my dining room table/office to set it up. It's a vicious cycle, this junk collecting. It's everywhere. And for whatever reason, I'm too lazy to keep it in check. So today's big adventure is to clean off the dining room table and set up the printer. I'll get out the big trash bags and start pitching.............Or just load it all into a tub and put it up on the office to deal with some other time. Thats what spare rooms are for, right??

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