Friday, January 04, 2008

Breaking Resolutions Already

Just like that. And thanks to Mr. Bear for pointing out that I haven't lived up to the 'I'll blog daily whether anyone comments or not"

My fuel oil ran out on 12/31/07. To date, 01/04/08, I still do NOT have any fuel oil. As you may or may not know, it's been no higher than 25 degrees for the past three days here in PA.
Needless to say, it's pretty goddamn cold in my house. Thank God for the kerosene heater we bought last year, because we've all stayed in one room, camped out around the heater.

It was so cold in the kitchen overnight, that the refrigerator shut off, because it was colder OUTSIDE than it was INSIDE the fridge. Showers are hot and fast.

But Amy, you say, why don't you call for fuel oil? Because, gentle reader, when last I purchased fuel oil it was $3.09 a gallon. With a minumum of a 100 gallon delivery. I haven't checked their price this week, but I'm quite certain it'll be above $3.09, and after all the other bills are paid, neither Obbie nor I had 300 bucks for some fuel oil.

Hopefully, after all is said and done today, I can call and order 100 more gallons, which will be delivered on Tuesday. I'm not sure at this point, but hey, at least we have more kerosene.

Complaining? Oh hell yes, I'm complaining. I work harder than I ever have, yet have less than I ever did. Thank the Gods that I haven't seen fit to bring kids into this world, and that I'm only responsible for myself and my cats. I wonder how people with children, mortgages, real cars (as opposed to the 10 year old 'new' car I drive) do it? This shit is madness.

And yes, while I'm at it, I have dropped the F bomb in conversation a few times.

Oh. Fucking. Well.


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