Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Chill Part Deux

I called for oil yesterday.

I got lucky in the sense that it was 'only' 3.21 a gallon. Whoo. Yay me.

I got unlucky in the sense that the earliest they can deliver is FRIDAY.

Sooo, it's only THREE more nights of camping around the kerosene heater.

Lovely, eh?

The cold is going away. I'm in the stuffy head portion of the program. Everytime I talk to someone on the phone, they say, "Gawd you sound like hell" Um, thanks. 'Preciate that. But sounding like hell is preferable to feeling like I got hit by a truck. The truck that delivered 50 pounds of snot to my head. (Ew, sorry for that visual) (Heh...I won't be in to work today, I got run over by the snot truck....hahahhahaha....weirdo)

In other news, I'm gearing up for the process of jewelry making. A new forum I occasionally read has announced a color challenge using butterflies. You're directed to a website with some gorgeous butterfly pictures, and you're to pick one and use the palette of colors for that butterfly. You've got 6 weeks to accomplish your challenge. I signed up, and hopefully that'll motivate me to actually DO something. I've got to start making booth stuff too (no, I haven't started that yet, I'm getting there!!) I've got so many inspirational people I 'know' from online, but that's a double edged sword sometimes. It sets the bar higher, and in my peabrain I don't think I'm talented enough, creative enough, blah, blah, blah. The negative voices need to shut the hell up and go away and let me alone to work.

Do people still buy stuff on eBay? I've got a bunch of stuff, and need some extra funds. Is the stuff market still hot? Who knows. I guess I could be like everyone else, and go rushing to Etsy to open a shop, no wait, I opened a shop, just never put anything in it....never mind. Anyway, I need to eliminate a bunch of things from my world. I'm tired of living in clutter central. It's annoying.

And with that, I'm off. Today after work, I'm planning a big event. Cleaning the coffeemaker! Running the white vinegar thru it to clean out all the gunk and minerals and chit that has accumulated over the years, so a pot of coffee will actually get brewed before I go to work. Ah, progress!!


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