Thursday, December 06, 2007

Small Randumbness

I haven't done a Randumb Friday in a long time. Yeah, I know, it's not Friday, but I'm going to be randumb anyway, because it FEELS like Friday. So there. Nyah.

1. High beams. For every high beam, there is a low beam. When traffic is oncoming, please be courteous and switch to low beams. If you're in traffic behind someone, please switch to low beams as well. Blindness is not condusive to safe driving. (On a related note, this high beam business is so vexing to me, that I'm considering getting the back windows of Black tinted. She'd really look like a hearse then. The Bead Hearse. Ha.)

2. Cell phones. Whatever did we do without cell phones? We've reached the pinnacle of our evolution when we get to overhear some poor, whipped man whining into his cellphone, "What kind of tampons, honey? There are so many kinds that come in Super Jumbo!"

3. Pretentious Art Asses. Apparently it is quite popular to be a pretentious ass, no matter what 'art' you're involved in. I don't get it. After the terrible craft show this past summer (Foundry Day, which was juried, and from the looks of it, juried by Larry, Moe, Curly, Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller) and the snotty bead wench who said, "If you want to exhibit at MY show, you'll have to send me pictures, I need to make sure you aren't going to exhibit GARBAGE" (true story) then the art show gone terribly wrong with the big band and old baked Ziti, I just don't understand. Are these people so full of themselves they've lost touch with humans? Don't they 'get' the meaning of tact or how to put on a proper show? Or better yet, how THEY would want to be treated? Maybe this is where 'suffering for your art' comes from. If that's part of being an artist, count me out. Maybe it's just the locale. You have be a pretentious snot if you're doing some kind of art in Central PA. No, I'll rule that out. I've met many artists around here that are normal (all things being relative) so I can't blame it on the locale.

Now it's back to work, I'll have more randumbs for you tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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