Saturday, December 15, 2007

Password Protected

I've got too many passwords. And too many 'Secret questions' generated by the accounts I have online.

To date I have two bank accounts, two utilities accounts, and three credit card accounts I access online. Each account has a different password (Oh I tried to keep everything the same, but in this day and age of identity theft, you have to have x number of Capital letters, a digit or two, and passwords have to be so many letters & digits long) and for every account, in addition to the password, there's a SECRET QUESTION that was generated when the account was set up. Each account comes with a warning, "RECORD THIS INFORMATION IN A SECURE LOCATION" which, being the dutiful consumer, I do. But not the goddam SECRET QUESTION answer. Usually they're pretty easy, "First pet" or "First car" But the one for my main bank is "Favorite Subject in high school" WTF is that?!! I don't remember the goddamn answer. I hated high school with a flaming passion, and the best things that happened to me in those years was Van Halen's first album and graduation. So 'Favorite Subject' in high school won't ever stick in my brain. So now, after three tries (History? nope. English? nope. Creative Writing? nope.) I'm locked out, dammit. So now I have to call (during regular working hours of course) to be unlocked. Whatta pain.

I guess I'm going to have to write EVERYTHING down on my cryptic card and go from there. I can hear y'all going, Oh NO! Don't do that! Your security will be compromised!! Too bad. I have too many things in whats left of my little bitty brain to have to remember every goddamn password and secret answer (drink more Ovaltine) and if a card with cryptic notations is going to help me NOT to talk to snickering bank/credit card company CSR to unlock me AGAIN, so be it. I'll risk someone stealing my identity and draining my bank account of the $41.00 that is the regular balance or maxing out my already maxed out credit cards. (Low credit limits are the greatest thing since sliced bread, let me tell you) to keep whats left of my sanity intact, and NOT deal with bank people. Evah.

Carry on.


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