Monday, December 03, 2007

It Was A Very Good Year

The last craft show of the year was on Saturday.

It was interesting, but I felt we didn't really fit in there, either. It was an 'indie' art show, which are very cool. We visited our first one a couple years back in DC, called "Crafty Bastards", and it was great fun. These are geared more toward the younger, arty-ier set, and feature things you wouldn't usually find at craft shows. More edgy, trendy abstract art, interesting clothes, and that kind of thing. Like I said, we've always had a lot of fun visiting the one in DC. Saturday was just weird, we seemed like we were the oldest people in the room, and the younger, trendy folks who were vending seemed less than warm towards our presence. We did manage to sell a fair number of items, and got lots of positive comments towards the display and merchandise. Which validates me, anyway. Who cares what anyone else thinks, as long as we can sell some things, right? Anyway, there might be another one come summer, but we'll see. I don't know if we'll spend another Saturday getting glared at by arty puppies.

It was, however, way more successful than one or two other shows we've done this year. I'll factor that in for next year's planning. I've already decided to throw out the bottom grossing three shows, and adding three better ones in their place. As usual, better means more expensive, but I guess you have to pay to play. Especially with the big dogs. We'll see.

I'm ready to be home, curled up under a quilt reading. Today just isn't getting it for me.

Carry on.


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