Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ssshhh...that sound you hear

is me procrastinating.

It's Sunday, and a rare one indeed. Obbie is at work for the afternoon, and I mentioned perhaps I'd do some cleaning, and some beading/mailling while he was gone.

And here I am. Surfing around looking at nothing in particular. I've read the three Sunday newspapers, and really do have some things to do, yet here I am. Oh well, at least I can make an entry here that isn't groveling for forgiveness or anything. Although it was pretty spectacular that I got four whole comments from that last sniveling entry! Thanks guys, it's good to feel the love.

Obbie worked yesterday too. He's moonlighting at a retail store, where America shops, and is having a blast. It's interesting when he's working and I'm home, because it seems we've spent an awful lot of time together lately. Anyway, I've got the house to myself, and am kind of enjoying it. All the cats are sacked out in their various sleeping places, so I'd feel bad about running the vacuum. Therefore, my internet time is justified. Yeah, that it.

Anyway, Obbie worked yesterday, and I went off to return some hideous clothes I received for my birthday. (Capri pants patterened with palm trees and monkeys. I just don't see how anyone who knows me would have bought them for me, but the thought was nice) I returned the clothes and meandered around the store seeing what I could buy with my store credit. Not a farkin' thing. Really. I saw very little I'd want in the first place, let alone pay the crazy money they were asking! Nuts I tell ya. At another store I found a t-shirt for 60% off that is a white long sleeve with a skull & crossbones in rhinestones. SO COOL! Too bad it's not black, but hey, I'll deal with it. But dammit, that was all. So now I have a big old store credit and nuttin' I want. I guess there are worse problems to have.

I also put the garden to bed yesterday. Which involved pulling up all the crazy morning glory vines, and yanking the last of the tomato plants. They're all out back in the compost pile now. While I was hanging the tomato cages up in the summer kitchen, I kicked up some leaves and unearthed a small animal skull....yikes! I didn't check out the front teeth, but I'm going just say Groundhog for my heart, I'd hate to think it's a cat skull. But it'd been there awhile because it was all clean and white. No maggots or anything oogy. It was just weird though. Kind of kooked me out.

I need to hoe the garden and rake it before it gets too wintery, but again, here I am.....

I've decided to make paella for dinner tonight. Or at least, my version. Hot sausage, shrimp and chicken with brown rice. In the past it's turned out well, but with those ingredients, it's hard not to! I've also got a barley casserole in the oven. It's just barley and chopped (canned) tomatoes and broth, but it takes an hour and a half to bake. Again, no problem. It'll be good for lunches this week, with the addition of a protein. I'll make some chicken later, and that should work well.

In cat news, our little psycho cat, Maxx, is starting to come around. He's actually a very personable little fellow, and loves attention. He's still not 100% sure that I'm not going to stuff him in a box again, but he's getting better. He's taken a pair of my socks, and carries them around. Obbie took them away from him a couple times, but Maxx always finds them again. So now they're his socks. If he wants a pair of fuzzy magenta socks, who am I to argue?

Bad spelling and poor editing has vexed me a little this past week. I joined a credit union (after the spectacular fuckup from that bunch of assholes from my bank
who took my money and wouldn't give it back, leaving me with an M T account...) Anyway, the nice little chicklet that works there sent me a note "Here are your copys for your records..." COPIES, dumbass. Jeez. Where do these people go to school? The poor editing is credited to the local paper who reported on a fabric sale the Salvation Army was having. The caption to the photo read, "Local TAYLORS lined up for bargains...." Whatthefuck! Maxx the cat would have caught that one.
I see more and more of those kinds of things, but maybe I'm looking for them. I'll report the better ones when I can. That shit makes me foam at the mouth.

And with that little gem, it's time to go. My barley needs stirred, and while I'm stirring, I should piss off all the sleeping cats with that old Debbil Vaccuum cleaner that they hate so much. Life sucks and so do vaccuums. Clever? Not so much, but it was there. I'd be remiss if I hadn't said anything.

Carry on.

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