Thursday, November 01, 2007

Absent without leave

I'm slowly making friends with the fact that I'm not blogging as much as I used to. It was great fun in the beginning, what with the comments, and the fans, and the hysteria that went along with it. But lately, with all the craft shows and the added work of the real job, it's quite hard to be clever daily. It dosen't help that I've been warned about blogging on certain subjects (and you know, thats just too damn bad, for the things I'm not allowed to blog about are the most blogworthy.)

My lack of daily blogging has pretty much driven away the few people who visited on a regular basis. There are a few left (Thank you) and I try, really I do, just for them.

I can't even get my shit together enough to post on my jewelry blog on a regular basis. I should have pictures of every single piece I sold this year, and they should be on the jewelry blog. But no. No pics, and no updates either.

There you have it. Between being busy and being unmotivated, thats why there haven't been as many updates. But I'm still not planning on shutting this down. It really has been a big part of who I am for several years now, and I think, with time, I can get back to being a regular contributor here.

Stay tuned. No, really. Stay tuned. There are lots of things that are 'legal' for me to snark about. And you never know, I just might throw in some illegal snarking too, just for good measure.

Carry on.

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