Monday, October 15, 2007

Snarl...It's Monday....

No snarling allowed!

The show on Saturday was GREAT! It started out with me being PISSED OFF, because it was off the main drag, and all the booths were wedged in tight beside each other. Amateur hour with how people were unloading. It's a two way street, with vendors on one side. WHY would you park you car RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, and proceed to unload vast amounts of stuff very leisurely? I'd think you'd unload as fast as you could, to get out of the way. This idiot woman was trying to wave people around,
saying, "You've got room! Go around!!" which, sadly, was NOT the case. Oh well. Her little 'buy the packaged dip' stand didn't seem to far so well.

We kicked ass...again! I love being successful, but it makes me nervous. Obbie thinks we should ramp it up a notch for next year, and get into some high dollar shows, but to pay 100-300 bucks for a booth space, then add expenses on top of that, really raises the bar. To the point of making me sick. I know, I know, that is not a business person's way of thinking, but I don't want to backslide to where I'm losing money at every single show. We're not doing THAT good, you know? I think we're just going to be more selective for next year's events.

At the end of the year, I'll take what shows were the least profitable, and throw them out. In their place, add new shows. We'll see. History shows where we've done well, and we'll keep them. I just don't want to get too big for my britches, jewelry wise. I'd like to think that the jewelry making craze has increased some people's awareness of what it takes to make jewelry. Most of my things are more complicated, and that increases the price, and some people get that. The chain maille FLEW out of the booth on Saturday, which is a first. Everyone said, "Oh! Thats different!!" and it is. Nobody else had any maille. Many jewlery booths, but no maille. That could change next year, when people have the winter to learn a new skill. Or shall I say, the SMART people have the winter to learn a new skill.

One thing Obbie & I both noticed. When someone wants something. They want it. The price is not a deterrant. Which I find interesting. I've sold two higher end necklaces in two weeks to women who saw them, loved them and bought them with no question. Thats cool.

In other news, Mom is still not speaking to me, which dosen't surprise me. She's playing her game, doing what her mother did to her. I'm not playing, and I'm not kissing her ass. I apologized, I sent flowers, and there's nothing more I can do. She claims she's not a priority in my life. Truth be told, she's not. My real job is stressful, and I'm hopping every single day, solving problems and putting out fires. When I'm not there, I'm here, preparing for the next show. Six shows in six weeks is just a tad nerve wracking, not to mention busy, since it's all hand made. So color me a bad daughter when, in the middle of the two, I can't remember my Mom's birthday. She made it very clear to me, years ago, that she's busy. She dosen't think that I've 'stepped up to the plate', and am just goofing around, wasting my life, doing stupid shit.

She loved the hell out of sitting in the middle of my booth while people came up and made a big fuss over me & my jewelry. She loves the hell out of wearing these great pieces I make for her, and having people make a big fuss over them, and saying "My daughter made this" but thats not good enough. Whatever. I'd like to make her happy, I'd like for her to see how damn hard I work, but she never will. Or if she does, she'll never say it. So I do whatever I have to, and no, she's not a priority. She can devastate me with one comment, so why should I bother? Whatever.

Whoops. Sorry for the rant. It's just hard to keep doing what I'm doing, and try to predict what mood she'll be in from day to day.

And on that note, I shall be off. The bank is still fucking me over, (banks suck) and I think I'll just badger them until one of us gets tired of being nagged.

Carry on!

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