Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It Started Out So Good

Really. The weekend started out to be just great! On Friday, work ended just great. The car got loaded in record time and we weren't late for dinner with Mom. On Saturday, the craft show was a roaring success and Penn State lost.

Sunday, however, was a different story. First, the race was rained on, and started late. Then a delay in the middle. The up side to that was Tony baby was leading, and all was right with the world. Sadly, he ended up in the wall BADLY, and I turned the channel.

My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers didn't bother to show up for their game, and generally lost their collective shit. Idiots.

The car is fixed, however, to date it has cost a whopping $939.71. Which includes four tires, a new odometer gear and the Pennsylvania inspection. I keep reminding myself I don't really have a car payment, but that much money is hard to choke down.
(Especially since it was some birthday money and some Bead Whisperer money)

In other news, since last Saturday's craft show was so successful, I am running low on bracelets, and I need a couple epic necklaces to fill in the blanks. I better get cracking, and stop dicking around with the damn copper etching, since I haven't perfected that well enough to sell. (But it's SO MUCH FUN!!) The next show is this coming Saturday AND Sunday. Last years gate count was over 23,000 people. Yikes.
It's a biggie, and I better get motivated.

Carry on.


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