Thursday, October 25, 2007

And so it goes...

I fully expected to update daily this week. So I lowered my expectations, and waited until today.

Saturday was the last show of the craft show blitz. There's one more show before Thanskgiving, but it's weeks away, so I'm not concerned.

We sold all kinds of stuff, all day, and had a pretty good day. People suck, have I mentioned that lately? Most are all right, but there are some really asswipes out there.

Example: We keep a bucket of candy for the kids on the booth. Obbie made a sign: "Please take ONE" Some lady had the nerve to say, "Did you see that sign? How RUDE to ask to take one!" Then another lady, with no kids in tow, asked, "Can I take three? I have three kids." Sure whatever. And someone else opened a mini-Twix bar, bit off a piece, and put the other half back in the bucket! We're done with candy in the Northern states. I don't mind buying candy (do the math, about 8 bags of candy at 4 bucks a pop) for APPRECIATIVE people. But when you get people acting like that, forget it. In Virginia two weeks ago, we had the bucket out, and every single person, small or big, THANKED us for the candy. And the little ones asked "Please may I take a piece of candy?"

Sometimes I just can't stand people.

Oh, and there was a cat up the big pine tree in front of the house on Tuesday night.
In the rain. And the wind. It sat up there and cried and cried. Poor thing. Sometime yesterday it came down, ate the food I had set out for it and went away. I hope it's all right, it looked to be just a tiny little kitty. I can't save all of them, but I can damn sure try.

Thats all I got today, kids. Be well.
Carry on-

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