Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wait! I need more week!

It's Thursday already! Holy Moly!! I have too many things I need to do, and it's Thursday.

I haven't called about getting new tires on Black. I haven't gotten anything accomplished at work. (I spent a whole day calling and bitching at vendors yesterday, everyone is terminally LATE and that drives me MAD.) At least in the morning they took my calls, but by the afternoon, everyone was in a meeting. (or when the secretary told them it was me, they said, "Tell her I'm in a meeting, I don't have time to talk to that bitch now.") It's like a telethon for hardware.

I have emails I to return (Nobody sends me chatty E's anymore, because I'm an ass and I don't send them back. But I have two in Draft, really I do!)

And dinner last night was just fine. They are nice people, and it was a pleasure talking with them. I have to remember my manners, and send them a nice Thank you card. I stand corrected on my previous post.

And then theres the laundry, which needs done, but since the dryer seems to have lost it's belt (the drum dosen't turn, but the power is on) laundry is more complicated. I should just bite the bullet and go to the laundromat, but thats two hours of my life that I think I'd rather use doing anything else.

Beads? Jewelry? I know not of what you speak. Must be those piles of string, and bits of pretty colors I go past every day on my way elsewhere. There are only two shows, back to back at the end of the month. But hey, thats at the end of the month....

And the list goes on.

Did I see a hurricane forming in the Caribbean? Of course.

T-minus 3 days and counting.

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