Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall In

It's not time for summer to be over!! I didn't get to do all the stuff I wanted! Sheesh.

Yesterday was spent puttering around the house. I decided to finally set up the table I bought in June (shut up) to use as my workbench. All well and fine in my head, but the actual execution is somewhat problematic.

You see, as a certified bead whore, I have spent a decade accumulating beads and beady related stuff. "They're just beads, how much space can they take up?" You'd be surprised. Especially in the sheer volume of beads that I have. To date, there are three full sized rubbermaid tubs full of beads and beady stuff. There are two Plano tackle boxes, each with five trays, full of beads. There is a small toolbox full of beads. There is a small, very portable Plano tackle box full of beads & chain maille supplies. There are three clear plastic shoe boxes full of beads and stones. There are two rubbermaid 3-drawer cabinets full. Plus a couple small 'pocket size' tackle cases that I use when we travel. Two pairs of pliers, a pair of scissors, some thread, beads and some chain maille rings fit nicely in them.

Thats a lot of bead stuff. I don't know about other beaders/jewelry makers, but I have quite a few unfinished projects going on. Some got scrapped yesterday, others got ignored. But when the dust (and cat hair) had settled, there was a LOT of stuff there. My workbench is 70 percent covered, already, and I haven't done anything. (Lie, last night I made a cool spiral ring out of copper wire, and also whipped together a pendant with some agate and copper spiral coils, it's pretty cool)

So now I don't have any excuse for not working on projects. The coma couch is still there, but I have a workspace just for jewelrymaking! JUST DO IT.

T-minus 5 days and counting for the beach trip...

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