Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aww Maaan

I've got my grump on today. Just a little one, but a grump nonetheless.

Obbie took it upon himself to make dinner plans for us tonight.

Without consulting me.

We're obligated to go to dinner at one of his old friend's house. "They're nice, you'll like them alot" he says.

Yes, I'm sure I will like them just fine, but the point is that after work, I like to come home. Sit down. Read the paper and CHILL. All day long, I answer questions via phone, email, fax and in person. All. Freakin'. Day. I want to NOT be forced to be nice and make small talk with people after a full day of Ask Amy.

We don't go to people's houses often. To FoodPimp Lisa's once in a great while, and to Big Momma's on holidays, but we're not the visiting types. Especially during the work week. If we go out on a weeknight, it's after I've gotten home, read the paper, and just spent a little time chilling.

But not tonight. I guess we're expected there around 6:00-6:15, which hardly leaves me any chill time at all before I get to be nice again.

But oh well. God knows I've dragged Obbie to enough stuff, and he's never made an issue of it, so the least I can do is STFU and go along. It's only one evening, and I'm sure we'll have a good time.


T-minus 4 days and counting....


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