Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rainy Days and Tuesdays Dosen't Quite Have The Same Ring

Here we are, back at Tuesday. Which ain't a bad way to go, all things considered. It's been raining off and on since Sunday, which, again, ain't a bad way to go, considering my yard had been quietly dying. However, it's supposed to get sunny and hot this weekend, so I'll probably get to HEAR the grass growing. S'okay. At least it's not snow. Or a hurricane.

I'm not over the evil Mom episode of last weekend. However, as usual, I'm putting on the shelf in a jar with all the other evil Mom episodes. Not as a scorecard mind you, but just as a reminder how deeply words can hurt the people you love. (One more little happy nugget of hers, we were talking about the new car, and she asked if I'd traded the bleu one in. No mom, I bought the new one thru a private person, not a dealer, there was no trade in. "Oh thats just great! Another one to rot in your driveway like the last one." Yeah Mom, whatever.) So I'm done with that. I can only hope to remember how she attempts to steal my joy and to cut me down with a phrase or a word, and to remember not to do that to people in my life.

Moving along......I've gotten the crockpot out of dry dock. Usually when June comes, the crockpot gets put away and the Foreman grill comes out. With the rain has come a rather Un-August chill in the air, so crockpot food sounds pretty darn good. Tonight we'll be having beef tips in mushroom sauce over whole wheat pasta. Sounds good, but thats fall/winter food.

S'okay, summer's not totally done yet. There's at least another month of summerish weather, then glorious fall days and crisp nights. I don't much care for fall, since it's the prelude to winter (and I hate winter!) but I very much enjoy the humidity free days and cooler nights to sleep. Obbie does too, since I'm not grumbling and bitching, "GET OFF ME!! GET THE HELL ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BED" Nice lady.

And I'm off. I've had my coffee and now it's time to get ready for another BIG DAY OF FUN.


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