Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moms Behaving Badly

Sunday morning we came home from Virginia, and did some 'around the house' stuff and took naps. We were slated to be at Mom's house by 6:00 for a picnic, which would coincide with the fireworks the town was having to kick off the fair.

Mistake No. 1 - We laid down to watch the race, and fell asleep. NAPCAR strikes again. We did wake up around 3:00 or 4:00, and started the 'getting ready to go' process. It was slow, because I didn't want to. Foreshadowing anyone?

My car needed gas, and we needed iced coffees to chase away the nap hangovers we had. So we stopped at one of the dozen local Sheetz stores for both. (Mistake No. 2. The gas pumps were full of 'locals in big trucks towing their motor homes and boats. Only getting gas in the truck, mind you, but the motor home or boat took up the rest of the pump space.) Obbie ran in to get the coffees while I waited for a gas pump to open up. Which one did, rather quickly. I got gas and waited. And waited. And waited. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally came out.
Rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Apparently, the busiest Sheetz in the area is also the most understaffed, mismanaged one, and it was really bad on Sunday. No cups, kids running amok thru the store, stuff laying on top of things, oh it was just awful. And a hundred and fifty people trying to be checked out by three people. Nice.

We flew out of there, and headed for home. Going a little faster than the speed limit, because I knew we were going to be late. And late is bad. Of course, halfway there, someone pulled out in front of me and proceeded to go a little under the speed limit for many, many miles. Putting us even futher behind schedule.

We finally rolled into Moms about 6:45. (Mistake No.3 if you're keeping score) She was sitting at the table looking pissed as hell. "Where have you been?I called your cell phone and left a messageI've been worried sick!D isn't eating with us, and C isn't coming and everything has been ready you were supposed to be here at 5:00!" Um. And hello to you too. "My phone did not ring...." "WELL I CALLED IT" "and I'm sorry I was late, we got behind. We brought veggies for D (he's a vegetarian)" "He's not eating here!! You're late!!" After this barrage, I simply said, "I can turn around and go home." (Meanwhile, poor Obbie is trying to find a place to hide)
My Mom is positively steaming. I offered her the gift from the glass place. "Here we brought you something" she unwrapped it and looked at it. "What is it? A snake? Why are you bringing me a snake?" Oy. It was going to be a long ass night.

Tomorrow: Moms Behaving Badly Part II

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