Monday, August 13, 2007

It was a nice weekend

We decided to go to the "Route 11 Yard Crawl" in Virginia (Hi Puffin & Stacey!) Which basically entailed every single person (and hangers on) to pull a trailer out in their yard, loaded down with junk, so HOARDS of people could stop and root their the junk. Churches had barbeques and churchwide yard sales, little kids had lemonade stands, Chambers of Commerce sold hot dogs and hamburgers. There were deals made from old canning jars to vehicles. I'd hate to think what the vehicle count was for this deal, but let me tell you, it was something.

We didn't buy much, but we had a whole bunch of fun. We kept driving on Route 11 and ended up in Staunton, VA, which is a really neat little town. We had a really nice, inexpensive Mexican lunch, took the free trolly around the town, and found a glass blowing studio, where I bought my Mom a cool little ring holder (Basically a thick string of glass with a blob on the bottom as a base. You put your rings on it while you do the dishes or whatever) I thought it was cool (and almost the only thing in my price range in the whole place) I like to get her a little something from our travels. And a person can only have so many tee-shirts.

After that, we decided to head North. We got near Winchester, and decided to call it a night. After all, we had been at this marathon road trip since 6:00 am, and even though we made frequent stops, the road started to get rather weird.

We checked in to the Comfort Inn in Stephens City (been there before) and set out to find some food. By the Comfort Inn are the usual suspects: Waffle House, Arbys, Wendys, Sheetz, etc. and ONE non-chain restaurant. Which was closed at 9:30 on a Saturday night. We ventured forth, and mile after mile, all we found were chain restaurants. Call me a snob, but I do not eat chain restaurant food unless (1) I'm really hungry and (2) There is absolutely nothing else available. After several unbelievable miles and great annoyance we found a diner. The food was good, and we also found out that Patsy Cline used to work there. Hm. Cool!

Next: Moms behaving badly.

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