Sunday, August 26, 2007

All the news fit to Blog. Or not.

I had all intentions of posting daily, but I see the last time I was here was Tuesday. It's not like anything newsworthy is going on.

Work is crazy, I'm going on vacation in two weeks, and I have a TON of stuff to get done before I go. To ease the mayhem when I get back, you understand. And so it goes.

No craft shows until the end of September. I'm checking around to see if there's anything going on 'locally' so I can try and make some money, but the closest I've found is like 140 miles away in the middle of nowhere. I don't like middle of nowhere craft shows, because, well, they're in the middle of nowhere! Oh well. There are two in a row at the end of September, then a couple in October and November. Since I HATE doing Christmas shows, or HOLIDAY shows, I doubt we'll do any of them, but, never say never.

The front yard finally got mowed, so it only looks half trashy. I also yanked four cherry tomato plants who dared shade my jalapenos. Since I really didn't plant them, I don't really feel too bad. And I've given cherry tomatoes to everyone I know. Plus there are a couple more plants happily making tons of CT's daily.

And thats about it. I had a much better post earlier, but I'm multitasking and it got dumped. Dumbass.

Have a good week, I promise I'll be back before too long.

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