Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday How I Love Ye

I like Sundays. Except for Sunday evenings, when the realization that the grind is mere hours away. Dammit! For now, I'll be happy with Sunday though.

Obbie's at the bike show at the fairgrounds, and I'm puttering around doing dumb stuff. I have to make stuff for the two day show this coming weekend, but I'm here, surfing around, doing a little of nothing. Actually, I did make a couple things yesterday, but the fire isn't there to sit down and wack out a bunch of things. I have some idears, so maybe I'll nuture them into actual, real, tangible things. Things that might sell, and might make me some money. D'oh!! There's an idea!

Black is parked in the yard. I was going to wash her, but haven't made it out there yet. Blue is in the driveway, and I'll wash her after I wash Black.

I did manage to wrangle the tomato plants into cages yesterday. I'm sad to note that they all appear to be cherry tomatoes, which I hate. Bummer. There are a couple that are away from the pack, who are getting blossoms, so maybe they'll be Romas, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I yanked another 3 bushes yesterday, which made me sad, but they were all too crowded. My jalepenos were being shaded by those plants, and we can't have THAT. I suppose next year I'm going to have to totally bomb the whole garden so no volunteer cherry tomatoes come up at all. I wonder, though, if they got friendly with the Romas last year, and maybe this year they're Cherry Romas? Hmm.

Also there are four melons out there. They're big water suckers so I have the hose laying in the garden at all times. The nozzle leaks so it's like a soaker hose. The damn melons have rambled all around and are climbing up onto the porch. I forgot that they're ramblers, but it's the first I ever planted them. I'm just tickeled that I have a couple little watermelons! (Free range melons, no less! Call the chef!) Note to self, one watermelon plant for my little patch is more than enough.

Enough blathering! I have things to make and cars to wash!

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