Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get Tha' Funk Outta Mah Face

Honestly. Why is everything so hard?

The Nanticoke show was not a booming financial success. NOT. A. FINANCIAL. SUCCESS. I had to say it twice just to make the point. The farking awful Red Roof Inn at Wilkes-Barre (Ginny Front Desk Girl, You SUCK) was overpriced, and was awful (Again with the repeating)
For 135 bucks, which includes Obbie's discount.

The weather was farking hot, humid, and rain threatened every day. Friday gave us a torrential downpour of epic proportions, and we were at the site of the craft show. We made a break and ran to the car in the rain, and ended up soaked to the skin. We drove directly to the hotel, where the aforementioned asshole Front Desk Bitch Ginny informed us that our room wasn't ready (Early check in with the Red Roof Perks Card my ass.) We're standing in the lobby looking like fat drowned rats, while this overly made up cow with fried hair snarked that the room wasn't ready, and she only had a smoking single available. After some grumbling in her general direction, she sighed loudly, rolled her eyes, and 'found' us a room, and we checked in.

After getting dried off and redressed, we headed back to the swamp where the show was being held, and started getting set up. An hour later, we were set up, and another storm was blowing in our general direction. So we tore all the displays down, and put the tables in the center of the tent, and waited for the rain.

Alas, no rain, and we set everything BACK up for the night's festivities. To the credit of the organizer,it was a fun event, with a beer tent, and all things fattening and yummy to eat. Everyone was having a good time. Even the death metal band who played first. We couldn't even talk to one another let alone customers during their sets. THAT was awful. After a short break another band came on and played good music, and the beer flowed. That part was good.

We didn't sell much of anything on Friday, but we were hopeful Saturday would be better.

Tune in tomorrow for the second installment of Get tha Funk Outta Mah Face

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