Monday, June 25, 2007


Last week was a total wipe. Totally. At least in my world. The beach was great, we had a bunch of laughs watching the boardwalk people, and had some very good meals. Alas, the business of selling jewelry on the boardwalk wasn't that great. At least we got a vacation out of it. These things happen, as it's always a crap shoot when one goes to sell.

Honestly, there isn't much else to report. Work is busy, Obbie's work sucks, and thats pretty much the whole summary of that particular subject.

Big hugs to my friends in Okie who tied the knot! Wow-whee! Good for you all.

And Paris-baby is getting out of the slam this week. I can't wait for her BIG INTERVIEW with Larry King. "But Ames" I hear you saying, "You're not the celebrity-watching type" This is true, but I could care less about her celebrity. I want to hear what her PR guys are having her say. Just for fun. Has jail changed her? Not bloody likely, but let's just see what she's got to say.

Here's a question for my gardening pals: I have a bunch of tomato plants that are all clustered together. Some are blossoming. If I seperate them, and replant the biggest ones elsewhere, will I screw up the works? Thank you in advance.


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