Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here's some random stuff from the week.

Paris Hilton: Okay, at first it was kind of funny. Paris going to jail, then the world being outraged that she was let out, then put back in again. It's not really funny anymore. The paparazzi knocking each other down to get pics of her in the car - thats wrong. The blow by blow 'news' coverage on every major 'news' channel - thats wrong too. (Although on Fox, the initial commentary by that bitch Anne Coulter was remarkably sensible.) I'm just a little sad for poor Paris. She's never had a real life, and never will.

The Sopranos: Hahahahahaa....you guys! All the speculating, ruminating, dicussing and dissecting on how this show was going to end...and they have made you use your own imagination! IMAGINE! What nerve! I almost hurt myself watching the news last night. Some woman was OUTRAGED at how it ended, "I spent the better part of my life on this! I can't believe it ended this way!" She was actually PISSED. Get a life! I love the David Chase. He's left the ending up to the viewer. Brilliant. And people are mad because they weren't given the ending all wrapped up in a pretty little package. My hats off to you Mr. Chase. Rock on.

Public Radio Fund Drives: My favorite radio station is doing the fund drive thing. Luckily it started on Friday, and ends today. I send them money because I hate listening to them during the fund drive, so I switch to commercial radio. Commercial radio sucks. If I hear any music at all wedged in between the inane drivel of the DJ's and the commericals, it's either Freebird, Stairway to Heaven or George Throughgood. (Don't get me wrong, Freebird & Stairway to Heaven are both classics, but I can't hear them anymore.)

Bjork: New record & all, I still don't get her.

Big show in Jersey on Saturday. I am rather concerned about the amount of saleable items, as I passed out on the couch at 8:00 last night (damn Antiques Roadshow, I love that program, but lately it's like Valium) and slept hard til 11:00. Whereupon I woke up and twisted wire until 1:30 this morning. Guess who will break the "No coffee after 6:00" rule tonight? I don't know why I'm stressing about this one. We're making it a long weekend vacation thing, so the craft show is only part of the BIG!! FUN!! WEEKEND!!



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