Monday, May 21, 2007

Whee! Happy Monday

Maybe no so much. No particular reason, except why celebrate Monday? I mean really. It's not like we want to go back to work. Especially since it was such a good weekend.

Saturday we participated in a local festival known as Picklefest. While the Picklefest has been going on for a couple years, it was the first year for the craft show. The weather was kind of crappy, but eventually the sun came out, and it was pretty nice. Except for the wind. The wind SUCKED. Or should I say The Wind BLEW. At any rate, things got blown over, and some people's stands were damaged. We were only mildly annoyed. And actually sold a fair amount of stuff. Again, thank God for the kid necklaces. We usually make our booth fee back with those little 3-5 beads on a string of thong leather for the younger set. Obbie is always amazed at how we do with those. But a fair amount of my bracelets sold (ah ha! Finally hit the right price point on them) and there was a fair amount of interest expressed about the chain maille stuff. (More, I'm making MORE!) Excellent. There are no more shows for a month, which gives me time to make more stuff without burning myself out.

Sunday we went to the local Greek festival, which is always big fun. We made it a point to get there early, as to avoid the crowds later in the day. It's funny. When people go to events like that, it's like they leave their brains at home. They walk around like they are the center of the universe, totally blocking aisles with baby carriages, and being just plain dumb. Why would anyone bring a large, hyper dog to an event that is all about food, and packed with people? Just stupid.

Now it's back to reality. Too bad, too. I have some good ideas for jewelry, and they always get washed out of my brain when the tide of work shit rolls in. (And thats why I keep a notebook in the car now. For good ideas that'll get lost in the influx of fasteners, scheduling, accounts payable, invoices, and complaints.) Big fun.

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