Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Technologically Challenged

I have an old cell phone. I got it back in 2004 when I started my service. All I do with the phone is text a little and use it as a phone. But it was showing it's age, and I wanted a camera phone. Off I went to the phone store, and requested a new one.

I'm such a techo-tard.

Why does everything have to be so hard? All I wanted was a camera phone. Oh no. The KID (and he was a kid, I have shoes older than this guy) had to run down the ENTIRE line of phone like device they had in the store. Every. Single. One.

"No, no." says I. "All I want is a camera phone. I don't care if it's wireless and plays music. I don't care if it downloads music while cooking me an omelet. I want a phone. With a camera. And, since I don't ever use my minutes up every month, I want it for free."

Ah. Theres the clinker. FOR FREE.

Apparently, the camera phones had no FREE option. Everything else, mind you, but not the FREE button. He showed me all the camera phones, but they all cost something. I didn't want to pay ANYTHING.

To his credit, he tried. Really hard, this kid tried. "It's got Bluetooth" he said. "What's Bluetooth ?" says I. He looked like I pinched him. "You don't know what Bluetooth is?" "Nope. I've heard of it, but I don't know specifics." "Oh." Then he launched into his spiel. I didn't retain one syllable of it.

"Look. I want a phone. With a camera. For free." Thats not hard is it? There are 10 phones over there with cameras, ranging from 29.99 to 199.99. I just want one. Give me one of the cheap ones for free. nobody will know." "I can't"

So I left. And went home and looked on my providers website. Ta da. Nokia. Cameraphone. FREE. Five bucks to ship it UPS. I ordered it on Wednesday.

On Friday it was on my doorstep.

So now I have a spiffy new phone, WITH A CAMERA, for five bucks. No, it wasn't free, but close enough.

And I have no freaking idea how to get the freaking pictures off the goddamn thing.

But it's cool. HA.

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