Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I know. I promised a Beadwhisperer update today. But sadly, I didn't get any pics uploaded last night, so there's nothing new to show off. I suck. Blame it on Antiques Roadshow. As much as I love that program, I cannot watch all of it. I fall asleep every single time. Sometimes in the beginning, sometimes the middle, and sometimes right before it's over, but like NASCAR, I can't recall ever seeing a whole episode.

Stupid. Especially for a Junk-ho like myself. I'm restricted on drinking coffee past 3:00 pm, due to extreme obnoxiousness. Obbie's watched me bounce off the walls too many times and has put the kibosh on coffee after 3:00. Pity, too, because an iced coffee on the way home from work is delightfully decadent. (He'll be late tonight, so perhaps I'll indulge. Especially with all the things I need to do this evening.)

I sowed some lettuce and spinach seeds this morning (yes, this morning, around 6:30am) and in the big bare spot the old Volvo left in the yard, I raked and sowed a bunch of wildflower seeds. Hopefully they'll take, and the grackles and sparrows won't have a day at the buffet today.

And thats all. There is jewelry to be made for this weekend's event. I'll get there, sooner or later, I'll get there!

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