Monday, May 14, 2007

Get Yer Crank On

I'm pissy today. I can't exactly pinpoint WHY, but I just am. Mother's Day was nice, Momsie came up on Saturday, and we all went shopping and out to a very nice lunch. (Although as I checked my bank account this morning, I was rather vexed to note that the lunch charge was about 10 bucks more than the receipt says. I'll check back on the account later, and then I'll start making annoyed phone calls.)

Sunday we ran around. First thing was the flea market trip, where we met some glass blowing dude. And he's a dude in all senses of the word. Like..."Duuuuude" You know. One of them. But he's quite talented, and I think I'd like to use some of his stuff in BeadWhisperer work. We'll see.
He makes 'adult toys' and smoking accessories as well as beads and other glass things. I guess I'm old, because "Glass" and "Adult Toys" don't really work well in the same thought. I shan't dwell on it.

After that, we headed down the road to a Clarks shoe outlet Obbie knows about. With a coupon. Alas, we were early, and had 3 hours to kill, so we drove around looking at stuff, and ended up in Gettysburg having a late breakfast. Eventually we got back to the shoe store, and Obbie got himself three nice pairs of dress shoes, and I got one pair of neat pods. They're kind of athletic, but dressy. Quite comfy too. See here:

Nice toe ring peeking out the hole, and the loverly byzantine ankle bracelet I made last year! For all you locals, Clarks Shoe Outlet/Factory Store in the square in Hanover. Watch the local papers, you get coupons.

But I'm still pissy. It's bad when I'm so annoyed new shoes don't uncrank me. Oh well. It is Monday, after all.

Tomorrow's blog will be the text of the Beadwhisper's 'mass' emailing. I'll be listing our upcoming show dates and available goodies. Stay tuned.

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