Friday, April 06, 2007

Randumb Good Friday Rumblings

I'm home today! YAY!! Of course, I have a large list of stuff I want to do. Clean the filthy house, bead/maille a little, grocery shop, cat boxes, regular household duties. I have a large accumulation of stuff to list on eBay. I selected that task to do first.

So I settle in with a cup of coffee, an English muffin, and the Beastie Boys on the 'box. (My new band, the first album is freaking GENIUS) It's been a long while since I've done any selling on eBay. Apparently they've done some upgrades to the selling system. Alas, their upgrade gurus have made it far more complicated. I have a pair of shoes, an old slide rule, two planters and a really GAUDY piece of pottery to sell. I've been at this for over an hour, and I've managed to list the shoes and one of the pieces of pottery. It's become QUITE the pain in the ass. Dinosaur dialup dosen't help much either, but thats another day another rant. Seeing as how I could just put the other things back in the box and sell them in June at the community yard sale, this task is losing it's allure. But the washing the kitchen floor is next on the list, so I think I need to keep plugging away at this for awhile longer.

Max has come wandering in to see what I'm doing. He seems to dig the Beastie Boys too, as he's wagging his little stump of a tail along with the music. It's okay to look at him, but NO PETTING ALLOWED. I guess he's still afraid I'll stuff him into a box and take him to the vet again. Eventually it'll happen, but maybe it won't be so traumatic.

Enough stalling. I have to get back to my tasks. Have a great Easter everyone!

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