Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's A Messed Up World

Which pretty much goes without saying, I suppose.

But the Fucked Uppednes is really peaking lately.

I can't watch television without experiencing the urge to punch someone. Nancy Grace (that bitch) comes to mind. What an ASS she is. Then theres (big) Dick Cheney. Hate him. He was blathering tonight. All puffed up and self important. Big news is that his clot is healing. Hey Dick, take it easy, bro. Sit down, rest awhile.

The gun control people are at it again too. Nothing like a little mass murder to bring THEM out in force. How can I understand that as long as there are nuts in the world, things like that are going to happen? Banning or controlling guns is hardly the answer. Control the fucking wackos.

And the media. OH. The Media. GO HOME. Leave Virginia Tech alone. Find something else to beat into the ground.

The pet food companies have been poisioning our animals, and they've known it all along.

'Organic' spinach is fertilized by organic cow shit. Alas, it hasn't been sterilized first. Ditto green onions. Eat locally. Eat locally. Buy food from your local farmer's markets. Grow your own.

A 16 year old high school student is sueing her school district because it keeps marking her tardys and absences as unexcused. She's taking care of her 2 year old child. But has also turned down offers from the school for home schooling or vo-tech classes. She says she wants to go to college...

All this makes me want to go live on the side of a mountain. Away from daily assholery.

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