Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dear Craft Show Patrons

Dear Craft Show Patrons:

I spent a LOT of time making my particular 'craft'. A LOT. And the materials aren't exactly FREE. So the prices that I charge are in line with my time, and the money I have invested in the raw materials.

If you think that $60 is too much to pay for a copper byzantine chain maille necklace & bracelet set, I challenge you to make one. That particular set took me about 10 hours to make. That being said, you see where my labor is $6.00 an hour, not counting the hundreds of copper rings and small stones that comprise that particular set. $6.00 an hour!! Would YOU work for that? I didn't think so. Already you're getting a bargain, and in typing this, I see that I've HORRIBLY underpriced that set.

I've been making jewelry for fifteen or more years, and I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching and learning new techniques, shopping for the right materials, reading volumes of information, and poring over too many websites to mention to get a better understanding of what you people want. I'm not blind, nor am I deaf, so when you roll your eyes and scoff under your breath at the price of my art, I can hear you and see you. Frankly, you are not my market. If you want 'cheap' buy your shit elsewhere. Go back to the plastic beaded bracelets and necklaces strung on elastic, go back to your silver plated brass earwires, and your cheap fake gold rings. I don't want your business. I'm all about quality. Quality comes with a price tag. I realize that you're so used to shopping at K/Wal/Tar/Dollar Stores, that you feel you're entitled to that kind of pricing everywhere. Sorry, patron, not here. All that stuff in K/Wal/Tar/Dollar is MASS produced, 90% on foreign soil by people who don't have any other means of support, and don't mind working for pennies on the dollar. Just go on back to that, because I don't need you.

Oh, and don't think you're clever by rolling your eyes and saying, "Oh, Gaawd, ANOTHER jewelry stand." Because you're NOT. But don't be afraid of making eye contact. I won't cause you to burst into flames, and I won't send you brain messages to BUY MY STUFF. Common courtesy isn't a bad thing, and to meet someone's eye, and smile has never killed anyone yet.

Thank you.


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