Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And then I took a big, deep breath

I'm better now. The whole craft show rant yesterday must have been just what I needed.
I don't really mean to bitch and carry on about the craft show thing, because it's supposed to be my fun job, but sometimes...sheesh. Stupid people. But again, stupid people are everywhere. Get over it, move along.

Anyway, how's YOUR world? It's okay here. I'm off on Friday, and will take that opportunity to clean house a little bit. I'm not planning on spending ALL day cleaning, but I do need to do some serious spring defunking.

The weather is turning cold and awful again. But I console myself with the thought that this is the last of winter.

Oh! And I picked up my new glasses today. They're quite stylish, but very weird when they're on. Contacts do strange things to your eyeball, and when you put glasses on, the eyeball distorts again. It's very odd. But I'll survive.

Carry on.

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