Friday, March 16, 2007

We'll Just Hunker Down and Wait This One Out

So today was to be the first day of the first show of the season. Of course, it started snowing at 6:30 am, and hasn't stopped yet. Did they cancel it? Oh no. Obbie called at 1:00 to see if they would be postponing it, and was informed that the show will go on, despite the sleet, snow and traffic advisories. As a matter of fact, they had vendors already setting up! Those wacky Methodists!

I had already scheduled the afternoon off from work, in anticipation of freaking-the-fuck-out because I don't have anything to sell, and I was going to spend the afternoon hyperventilating and making earrings. As I drove home in the snow, I made the choice (as the Bead Whisperer) that we were NOT going to the show tonight. The radio and news were full of dire predictions about the coming storm and not driving. Worked for me, and I came home and took a nap.

We will see what tomorrow brings. Thats tomorrow. Tonight I'm trying to make my headache go away, I'm listening to Obbie snore on the couch (oh, he's had a bad, emotionally draining week) and watching for the snowplow who will surely totally kill my mailbox before the night is over. There are some things that can't be helped, I suppose.

I've also got some more jewelry to make, because if we do go tomorrow, we might sell some. If not, theres another show in two weeks. Nothing like pre-empting a hissy fit. No. Don't be absurd. There will always be a hissy fit before a show. It's just me.

Oh, and I feel like crap this week. Not just because of the impending show, I physically feel like crap. Old and stiff and creaky. Not to mention that I've gone way off Weight Watchers this week, eschewing the good food I know I should eat for crap. I'll blame it on one of the cats. Obbie and I make up a weeks worth of menus on Sundays, then do the weekly grocery shopping. Monday morning, an unknown cat power-hurled on the list, making it unreadable, so I had to wing it. Then Obbie wasn't here on Wednesday or Thursday for dinner, so why bother cooking if it's just me?
Nice. I must like being a fat girl or something. Anyway, tomorrow is another day, and if we're home I'll make some nice soup or something. I have a feeling it'll be welcomed.

Carry on.

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