Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rule Number One

Never go out to bars on New Years Eve, Saint Patricks Day or Halloween. Every non partying yahoo feels it's their God given right to get drunk IN BARS on these three occasions. And they don't know how to act.

So what do we do? Go out to the bar last night. Of course.

Let me say that it didn't start out that way. We did not go to the craft show, since after digging all that snow to move our cars, we weren't into sitting in an empty room with other vendors waiting for customers. I did find out that very few patrons came because of the weather. I'll write off the small booth fee as a donation to their church.

So we went to the movies. Ghost Rider is exactly what it is. A movie based on a comic book. Don't look for any messages or deep meaning here. It is what it is. But Nicholas Cage, Sam Elliot (Share him w/me Stevie) and Peter Fonda are all pretty good. Just don't expect Academy Awards, you know?

A quick side note about the movies. We usually go to matinees or discount movies at the local small, non chain places, where it's five bucks to get in, and you get change back from a five when you buy soda and a popcorn. That being said, I was slightly astonished that it cost 12 bucks for two of us to get in, and a small popcorn was 6.00. Slightly might be an understatment. The kid at the candy counter asked if I wanted anything else after ordering popcorn and Raisinettes. "Nope, I didn't get approved on my home equity loan yet." He did laugh though. For future reference we WILL be sneaking snacks into the flicks. Then came the 45 minutes of coming attractions, trivia and advertisments. I think we'll be going back to the second run movie houses, they're much cooler.

After the movie, we headed to dinner. For some odd reason, we thought that the local pub we frequent would be a good choice. We're so silly. Everyone and their dog had green on, and a beer in each hand. Ahh! Shit! Saint Patty's Day! Fuck! Rule Number One! Dammit! Oh well, we figured we were there, and could get dinner and get out before the real stupid began.

It should be have been a hint, when this obviously homeless guy wandered in, pulling luggage on wheels (!!) and came right up to me and asked if the bar was having a sale. Uh. Um. NO. It's St. Patty's Day! Everyone goes to bars on St. P's Day. After answering him, I went back to the wings Obbie and I were sharing and hoped he'd go away. He did, but only after his pants fell almost OFF, and I was treated to the sight of his pasty white asscrack and not so fresh jockeys. Yargh. Another beer please.

Then it started to get interesting. A 'hippie' boy and his 'hippie' girlfriend came in. He was wearing dreadlocks (white boys should NOT wear dreadlocks EVER...) and started chatting to some people at the bar. He was wearing a really neat pendant, so I had to call him over to admire his jewelry. Sigh. This prompted him to go off on this Wanna Be Bill Graham-ish spiel about the bluegrass band that was playing there tonight, and how he promotes them, and how he's got a couple different bands that are going to be in the area playing, and yadda, yadda, yadda......(oh shit, here we go) In a ten minute span we found out that this band playing was a bluegrass band from Wilkes-Barre. (Bluegrass from Wilkes Barre is kind of like Cajun from New York City.) We laughed and said we'd stay just to check 'em out. Mr. Dreaddy had much more important people to schmooze than us, and took off.

The noise level was getting worse and worse, and more people were coming in. The bluegrass band had started setting up their equipment and from the looks of it, this little band of four guys was setting up a sound system for an 18 piece orchestra at RFK Stadium.

TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW (blogger ate my post!!)


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