Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ever play Spider Solitaire?

I just started about two weeks ago.

Damn the luck.

Another obsession. At least it's on my work computer and I can spider solitaire over lunch. I mastered the one suite game early on. This two suite thing is kicking my ass. Of course my attention span (or lack thereof) dosen't help, since after I deal all the cards, and can't make any more moves, I just reset the game. CHEAT CHEAT!! Yeah, well. What can I say?

Someone called the house this morning at 6:30. By the time I had thundered downstairs, they had hung up and hadn't left a message. Gawd I hate that. The up side is that I'd guess that it was a wrong number, and not anyone dead in a ditch or anything. At least I hope. Mom emailed me earlier today, so it's not her, and Sustainable Lisa talked to me this morning. Sadly, in my scope of near and dear peeps, they're about it.

And so it goes.

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