Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh Ye of Little Faith

I'm here. Didn't fall down a well, or bust up the other knee in the driveway on the perpetual fucking ice. I've been other wise preoccupied with other stuff.

After asshole Ann Coulter's remarks the other day, I fired iff a scathing hate filled post just for her. Proclaiming my undying hatred for someone so evil. But after an hour I took it down. Thats just what she (and people like her) want. If you can't say anything nice, say ANYTHING, because you're bound to have someone agree with you. Anyway, she's entitled to her opinion. After all, this is the Land o' the Free and the Home o' de Brave, right? We can't always agree on everything.

Besides trying to outfit the cats in little chain maille suits, and marvelling over bureaucratic procedures, Obbie and I watch the news every night, bitching and complaining about the general stupidness of the general public. For example:

A man 'found' someones purse in a Walmart. He called the purse's owner to come to a specified location to give her purse back. Aw, so nice! Alas, the purse's owner went to the location, but the purse finder didn't. He and his junkie girlfriends went to the purse ladies' house and stole all kinds of things from her. Karma is instant, however, since the brain trust called the purse lady from HIS CELL PHONE and her caller ID identified him, and the police paid him a nice visit.

See? I can't make this shit up.

There are endless stories of just plain stupid on the evening news. Tune in sometime and find out for yourself. You may not smarter than a fifth grader, but you're smarter than the guy who robbed a local bank with drywall compound smeared on his face as a disguise. No. Really.

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