Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to all of you who are working, and Happy Presidents Day to all who aren't. I'm the former, not the the latter.

The weekend went too fast, as usual. Saturday I got to work a little on my necklace, while Obbie did some family public service. He came home in a semi-foul mood, and brooded around the house all afternoon. Luckily, our friends Jeff & Linda were playing an acoustic gig at a local watering hole.

That turned out to be great fun! I hadn't seen either of them for many years, and had almost forgotten how good they were. Obbie NEVER saw them play before, and was happily impressed. His bad mood was escorted away by good music and multiple beers. I took over as the designated driver, a role I don't mind playing at all, and was quite happy sitting at the bar drinking lime & seltzers, enjoying some damn fine music.

We slept in a little on Sunday, since after all, we didn't get home until ONE AM. (Horror of horrors..)

And Obbie was a little tired from moving all those Harps (Beer) A good breakfast at Grouchos cured him, and we decided to go visit another craft show. It was just as horrific as the last one, just not as big. Luckily, it didn't take too long to see all the junk. Er, I mean crafts, and we headed home early. Mark that off the list as a "Never Gonna Do" Ugh.

All that driving, eating and snarkiness made us tired, so after a homemade cup of hot cocoa, we both climbed onto our couches, turned on the Dayota 500 and commenced napping. Nothing says "Successful Sunday" like a good couch nap.

But reality intruded on me early this am, and it's back to work. Ob's home today, doing all kinds of Obbie things around the house. Lucky duck! That will be me on Good Friday. So there, take that, you state worker!

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